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anal lubricant with anesthetic custom supplier

Anal numbing lube is water based lubricant that uses mild topical anesthetics to desensitize the region where it is applied. The most common desensitizers used in the numbing lubricant are the benzocaine or lidocaine. When these special additives get absorbed in the skin, it numbs the anus entrance to decrease sensitivity and allow pain-free anal penetration. Lidocaine and benzocaine work almost like a local anesthetic - something your dentist also uses when you go for a root canal.

Anal Sex Lubricant Pain Relief Anesthesia for Sex Delay Ejaculation, Water Base Lubrication Gel Anal Oil of Sex Products, which always in 200ml or 500ml, Helps relieve possible discomfort. if you want own brand anal lubricants, welcome inquiry us by email:


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