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how to use personal lubricant liquid lube correctly in sex?

how to use personal lubricant liquid lube

Condom is familar by most consuemrs, but lube also has huge demand now. When and how to use the lube? When the woman is sexually aroused, the vagina normally self-lubricates well at the same time. This makes the overall experience a lot more fun in sex. Intercourse without lubricant can be painful and damage the vaginal lining. Your body may produce less lubricant as a result of hormonal changes, menopause, aging, or medication. That is usually where personal lubricant comes in, you can take out the lube into the penis or vagina directly, or you also can put on the condoms after weared correctly.

Apply the desired right amount of personal lubricant directly from the tube/sachets to the skin or to a condom. Reapply as it required. If skin, penile, or vaginal irritation develops, stop using the personal Jelly immediately and wash the area with water to make sure it's safe. We recommend use the water based lube at first time, and choose silicone lube if you want longer lasting.

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