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Best Desensitizing anesthetic spray for men

climax control anesthetic spray factory

The desensitizing spray for men from is a local anesthetic that helps partners prevent premature ejaculation while prolonging the duration of the intercourse. Anesthetic delay spray for men is a product designed to help men increase their stamina and lasts longer during sexual activity. It contains an active ingredient that works by temporarily numbing the sensitive nerve endings in the penis, reducing sensitivity and increasing the time it takes to reach sexual orgasm. With regular use of the spray, men can gain greater control over their climax and extend their sex pleasures. The mainly active ingredients are Benzocaine or Lidocaine. We also has herb formula, you also can send us your own formula, we can custom produce for you accordingly.

Some guys also like use physical tool to prolong the love, such as the silicone ring wear on bottom of cork, there are always different diameter for different guys, which also can prevent the blood's flow to make love longer. This way has the big advantage is they not make consumers numbing or replying on the solution.

We can offer clients 2 formula, one is herb extracted and another one is lidocaine or Benzocaine spray, MOQ is 1000 units, welcome inquiry us to produce your own label climax control spray. Contact email:

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