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black color condom factory

black color condom factory

Black Condoms are preferred by men of colour as well as men who want to use a quality black condom. Made for the larger man, they measure over seven inches in length and have a girth of 55mm which guarantees more room and less constriction than a regular size condom. Each condom is straight and is treated with a non-spermicide lubricant.

Compare with normal natural color condoms, black color looks more distinct. Coloured condoms are meant to make your love making exciting and vibrant with different shades of condoms. You can choose from the wide range of colours to suit your mood and/or the colour that can drive her wild. The range of colours that are available include midnight black, which is a shade opposite to standard natural latex condoms. Midnight black can add a great level of charm and excitement to your session. You also get condoms in distinct green, yellow, blue and red shades.

As a custom condom factory, we not only can produce black color condom, we also can produce other colors, such as the pink or red, which also is the best seller. A special color always need a certain quantity to start, let's inquiry our sales team directly. Email:

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