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Disposable polyurethane gloves VS nitrile gloves

Compared to Nitrile disposable gloves, our polyurethane disposable gloves have the below advantages:

1 Latex free No latex allergic

2 Breathability Better Breathability Due to Special molecular structure, extremely comfortable in use

3 Strength Ultra-high tensile strength and elongation up to 700%

4 chemical ingredient Protein-free, no Nitrosamines. No sulfur, no accelerant or other chemical ingredients

Our disposable gloves are produced with latex free material-waterborne polyurethane material with high elasticity. The special molecular structure makes polyurethane gloves extremely comfortable. PU gloves prouduce with protein-free, non-allergenic, no nitrosamine, no sulfur, no accelerant or other chemical ingredients. It has the ultra high elongation min.700% and tensile strength min. 400 MPA. High quality and better than the traditional gloves such as nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves.Contact and buy polyurethane gloves directly from gloves factory. Email:

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