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Zhejiang KB Material Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang KB Material Technology Co.,Ltd

As the world's first Polyurethane glove manufacturer, Zhejiang KB Material Technology Co.,Ltd already successfully produced the 0.01mm polyurethane male and female condom, which are famous in the condom industry. Along with the outbreak of COVID 19 from Feb of 2020, gloves continue rank top demand of the anti-virus goods.

Compare with the normal latex gloves, PU gloves has many advantage:Wa

terborne polyurethane materials with high elasticity,

Fingerprint recognition openration can be flexibility.

Special molecular structure, excellent Moisture Vopor Transport (MVT)

extremely comfortable.

Protein-free, non-Allergenic, no Nitrosamines.

No sulfur, no accelerate or other chemical composition.

Ultra-high tensile strength and elongation, easy to donning,left to right-handed, powder-free.

Welcome inquiry us if need the gloves, we can supply you at your own label box. Email:

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