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The Condom Factory Karex Bhd Lockdown

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A global shortage of condoms is looming after the coronavirus lockdown forced the world’s biggest producer Karex Bhd to shut down production. That is already a shortfall of 100m condoms, normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, supplied to state healthcare systems such as Britain’s NHS or distributed by aid programmes such as the UN Population Fund. The Condom manufacturer Karex Bhd was given permission to restart production on Friday, but with only 50 percent of its workforce, under a special exemption for critical industries. The good thing is that the demand for condoms is still very strong because like it or not, it’s still an essential to have. As a professional Condom Producer, to Custom Private Label Condom, please contact us. Email: Whatsapp/Wechat: 008615265477926 Contact: Linda

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