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OEM Personal Lubricate For Sex

Personal Lubricate For OEM, OEM brand personal lubricate, Custom Brand Sex Lube

Our OEM Personal Lubricants are easy to use, safe and no side effects, permanently lubricated,also it has the lasting lubricating effect. After many years of manufacturing and export experience, our personal lubricate is safe and reliable performance. The sex lube performance is full-lubricants, It is the colorless natural, transparent, non-oil.

You must use a water-based lubricants for sex with a latex condom which contains no grease or oil. Latex dissolves in grease and oil, causing the condom to burst. There are also very good silicone-based lube. Thesex lube feel greasy because silicone was added, but they don’t contain any oil.

Water-based lubricants can also be used for an erotic massage. They don’t damage the latex condoms. We can offer you the OEM/ODM personal lube such as substituting manufacturing process. Welcome to inquiry!


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