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Fantasy Flavored Latex Condoms

Flavored condom manufacturer, OEM brand flavored condom

Flavored Condoms are specially designed for enjoying Oral sex. Flavored Condoms are available in different colors and its color is designed for match their flavor such as Yellow for banana Flavor, red for strawberry flavored Condom, brown for chocolate flavored. If you like to have a fun oral sex, flavored condoms are the perfect choice for you. It has no any side effect. But if you use flavored condoms for vaginal penetration you can be infected from yeast infection as flavored condom is coated over of yeast and when it comes to contact with vaginal semen you can be infected. So please don’t use this as a vaginal penetration. Most couples feel shy to buy flavored condom in medical store, Buy flavored Condoms Online Store is convenient for your to buy.

Our popular Selling Flavored Condom are Orange Flavored condoms, Strawberry Flavored condoms, Banana Flavored condoms, Orange Flavored condoms, Vanilla Flavored condoms, Chocolate Flavored condoms. As an OEM condom factory, we can custom your own brand flavored condoms. Email: Whatsapp/Wechat: 008615265477926 Contact: Linda

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