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Long Time Cooling condoms for intense stimulation

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Most consumers are familiar with regular condom, such as classic/dotted/ribbed or others textured, but long love condom still are new to them. Long Time cooling condom can provide you a lot of sexual and intimate fun. If sex has taught us anything, it's that it's possible to please and be pleased simultaneously. Cap off the foreplay getting even more hot and bothered—literally—with Ice. Coated with cooling lube on the inside and out. It's designed for both parties engines.

Long Time Cooling condoms are designed to provide an intense cooling sensation during the love process. The unique, non-toxic formula and special lubricant ( added with mint) create a comfortable, tingling feeling that can last up to two hours. Each condom is made from premium latex and is designed to be strong and reliable for your protection. They are the perfect way to add some extra spice to your intimate moments.

If you want to OEM produce your own brand Long Time Cooling Condom, please contact us by Email: Whatsapp/Wechat: 008615265477926 Contact: Linda

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