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Non Latex Polyurethane condoms

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In condom market, the latex condom is the normal and popular, but some people still want choose the latex free condom. People most often use latex free condoms because they or their partners are sensitive or allergic to latex material. Some people simply prefer the feel of non-latex condoms or feel that they have a more pleasant scent. The PU condom also can add delay lubricant and fragrance to enhances the experience.

Polyurethane condoms are new a type of male condom which is made from polyurethane. It is thin, clear plastic. This birth control method has FDA-approval as an effective way to prevent pregnancy as well as protecting you from sexually transmitted diseases. Non latex pu cnodoms are usually thinner, stronger and not as tight as latex condoms. It can help to increase sensitivity during sex. Many man says they like the feel and appearance of polyurethane condoms more than latex condom.

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