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Best condom for her pleasure

Women enjoy having sex just like men enjoy having sex, but this little tidbit is scary but TRUE. Most women do not use contraceptives yes even including condoms.

Well because they say that it doesn’t feel as good with a condom as it does without one. Condoms can prevent pregnancies, and STDs. What is the trick to using them regularly? Find the best condom for her, one that is fun to use, and that feels good too. If you try and try again I am sure that you will soon find one that fits your needs as well as the needs of your lover.

You may find below condoms to be the best for her pleasure.

Dotted condom, which has hundreds of dots on condoms. Women will be stimulated by these dots when sex. And they will like it.

Ribbed condom, which has ribs around condoms. They give more pleasure to women.

Contoured condom, which is mixed with dots and ribs, also has the anatomic shape. Both participants will enjoy using it and get pleasant.

If you’re looking for the best condoms for her, contact us:

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