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ROMEO Brand Spike Condom

Spike condom, Spike condom manufacturer

There are 4 types of ROMEO Spike condom which are the best seller. Spiral, Collar, Chirk and Romantic. The thorn is made from natural latex, it's soft and elastic, so it can help women reaching climax and not harmful for her. Some consumer maybe doubt spike condom's safety, you can use it freely who don't allergic to latex. The spike condom's burst pressure is 5%-8% less than regular condom, such as ISO 4074 and EN CE standard need 1kpa, our regular condom's burst pressure is 2.2-2.5kpa, spike condom's burst pressure at 2-2.3kpa. So it is safety to use spike condom. We also can custom your own brand condom. Email:

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