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SM Low Temperature Massage Candles

Sex low temperature candles bring sensual pleasure and intimacy for your partner. Candle burning temperature for about 52 degrees centigrade, absolutely will not burn your skin, just a hot sensation, especially suitable for SM games.

Super sex toy to rich your sexual life. Warm candlelight will create a warm, sensational and romantic atmosphere.

Natural Fragrance SM candles while burning. Enjoy the thrill of hot pleasure.

Use for: SM, Massage, intimate lubricating.

Advantage: All are herbal extract, no chemical no paraffin

Material: Natural Flax Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Bean Wax, Vitamin E, Beeswax

Ignite last: 10 hours

Temperature: 38-42 ℃

Size: 5x5 cm

Wax weight: 50 g

Container material: ceramic

Round shape box:

MOQ: 2000 pcs

Size: Diameter 6.9x Height 7cm

Paper: Halftone paper.

Price: us$0.3

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