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low temp melting SM candles

Sex low temp temperature melting SM candles bring sensual pleasure and intimate to your partner. Candle burning temperature for about 38-42 degrees centigrade, absolutely will not burn your skin, just a hot sensation, especially suitable for SM games.

Super sex toy to rich your sexual life. Warm candlelight will create a warm, sensational and romantic atmosphere.

Natural Fragrance SM candles while burning. Enjoy the thrill of hot pleasure.

Use for: SM, Massage, intimate lubricating.

Advantage: All are herbal extract, no chemical no paraffin

Material: Natural Flax Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Bean Wax, Vitamin E, Beeswax

Ignite last: 10 hours

Temperature: 38-42 ℃

Size: 5x5 cm

Wax weight: 50 g

Container material: ceramic

Round shape box:

MOQ: 2000 pcs

Size: Diameter 6.9x Height 7cm

Paper: Halftone paper.

Price: us$0.3

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