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Best seller condom for safe sex

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Flavored condom

Condoms come in different flavors, most of them are actually just scented condoms. However, some flavored condoms actually do have fragrance to them. Some condom manufactures add food grade flavors to the condom to make them sweet or tangy. People who are into oral sex might find these condoms interesting. They’re easy to find and come in a large selection, from fruits to flower.

Extra lube condom

Usually condom come with a small amount of lubricant in the individual foil packs. These are only good for putting the condom on, but after that, it is a bit dry. This may cause irritation and an uncomfortable or painful feeling during sex. Extra lube condoms have more lubricant oil that you won’t have to worry about it becoming too dry. This also means that you won’t have to purchase lubricants anymore since the condom is well lubricated.

Spermicide condom

Some men liker to have a backup plan besides safe sex, so they use condoms that have medicated spermicide in them. The spermicide is usually mixed into the condom’s lubricant and it basically kills all the sperm cells, assuring that none of them would ever have a chance to swim up and fertilize the egg cell. Spermicide condom cost more than common latex condoms, plus they do contain harsh chemicals, so watch and read the condom box and the active ingredients used.

Numbing/prolong condom

These condoms are popular for men who have a hard time keeping an erection or have problems with premature ejaculation. Numbing condoms contain a small amount of numbing agent, usually benzocaine, and helps men keep them longer. The problem with these condoms is that some of them contain numbing agents that are too potent so the man ends up not feeling anything anymore. If you’re planning to use this, find the best brand first and then work your way up to stronger ones. Buy hot selling condom, please send us email:

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