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Inconsistent use and incorrect use cause condom breakage.

condom breakage, good quality condom producer

The main reasons why condom breakage are inconsistent use and incorrect use. Some of the reasons condoms are used inconsistently due to comfort of one or both partners and the interference of pleasure. There are a large variety of choices available for both partners to help maximize comfort, pleasure and protection. Latex condoms come in various sizes, shapes, colors textures and flavors, and for those with latex sensitivities, non-latex choices are available.

The other reason condoms fail is due to incorrect use, i.e., exposing latex condoms to oil or oil-based lubricant, improper storage, not allowing some room at the tip, or opening packages with teeth. All our condoms are shipped with "How To" instructions. We encourage clients to read these helpful materials, and below are some additional recommendations for use and care of condoms. Buy high quality condoms. Please send us email:

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