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ROMEO Ripples Condom for Extra stimulating

ROMEO ribbed condom distributors and suppliers

Although a lot of condoms are completely smooth, many come with all sorts of ribbing options. The ribbed condoms by ROMEO are additional incentive transparent condoms with ribbs for even more feeling during sex. The condoms have a good fit, roll off easily and give a better feel. The condoms are made from natural rubber latex, lubricated, and come with a reservoir. Condom Features: - Taste: Neutral - Lubricant: Normal - Color: Transparent - Texture: Ribbed - Size: Medium - Nominal width: 52 mm - Thickness: Normal - Package quantity: 3 pieces and 12pieces - Brand: ROMEO Recommended for: In general every tested condom for vaginal, oral and anal contact, as long as the condom fits and you use enough lubricant used. To be ROMEO ribbed condom distributors, please send us email:

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