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Should We Use The Polyurethane Condom?

polyurethane condom

In fact, most consumers only know the latex condom, no chance reach other material condom in the market. Even though latex condoms may be more effective than polyurethane condoms, the overall risk of pregnancy if you use these condoms is similar to other barrier birth control methods. Polyurethane condoms go through the same rigorous testing as all condoms and meet the FDA's or other authority safety standards. If you have the allergic or sensitive to latex material, polyurethane condoms offer you a great alternative to latex condoms. Many couples prefer to use these condoms and are extremely satisfied with them. If you feel latex condoms are too restricting, you may welcome the looser fit of polyurethane condoms. So, if you are not happy about using latex condoms, it may be worth the time to experiment with polyurethane ones to see if you can find a condom that works better for you.

we recommend you use the latex condom if you not allergic to it, which still better than polyurethane one, it's more soft and better feeling for male consumers.

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