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polyurethane condom manufacturers

After 6 years continuous invest and research, our company have successfully produce the new material polyurethane condom. Which have some advantages over latex as a condom material. One advantage is that exposure to oil-based products will not damage it. Polyurethane is also a thermoplastic elastomer, which is similar to latex, but lacks the proteins which cause allergic reactions. Polyurethane condoms conduct heat better than latex and therefore are not as noticeable. Polyurethane condoms also are thinner than most latex condoms, and they have no smell. On the downside, polyurethane doesn’t stretch as much like latex or polyisoprene, so slippage and breakage rates are higher. In addition, the effectiveness of polyurethane condoms in preventing transmission of STDs is still being studied, which also make it not so popular as latex condom.

if you have some new product need polyurethane material, we also can custom produce for you. welcome inquiry us!


polyurethane condom manufacturers

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