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The type of Condom single is great for couples

Condom come in different pack

Lubricated Latex condoms.Soft-as-skin, latex with next-to-nothing feel.We bring you the direct factory price. Since 2008 our factory not only highlight on producing good quality products, but also working on cost control. We promise you good and competitive products!The fancy style package sexy condom is one of the most innovative condoms aimed especially at those who like to live life to the max. The condom is lubricated with a non-spermicidal lube to help with movements involved during intercourse. The type of Condom is sold as a single item and thus will come in different pack possible varieties of inner box. This single condom is ideal to take along in the back pocket, the wallet or in a bag. The type of Condom single is great for couples who want to have fun while remaining responsible. Different colored condoms. Each with a tasty flavored and fragranced lubricant to enhance your oral pleasures and sexual encounters. Electronically tested for durability. Condom features a great fit. Low latex odor. Email:

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