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How you distinguish different variety of condoms.

different variety of condoms

There are many kinds of condom in the market. How you choose the condom if you confused to buy a condom. Please check the following condom type instruction. Then you will know which one you like.

Texture: Although most condoms are completely smooth, some come with all sorts of textured options. Studded, ribbed, Studded &ribbed, waved, and many more types of textures are available. Some people would like textured condoms to increase the sensation that is often minimized during condom use. Others find textured condoms to cause irritation or chafing. Condom texture is up to the personal preferences of you both.

Thickness: Many condoms are designed to be extra-thin in order to improve sensation. Although this may be a desirable effect, thin condoms are more susceptible to breakage simply because of the nature of their design.

Lubrication: Condoms can be sold with different amounts of lubrication on both the inside and outside. Some people prefer little lubrication while others prefer a lot. Moreover, some condoms come with spermicidal lubricant for more protection, or numbing lubrication for prolong ejaculation. Before purchasing condoms, discuss each other’s’ preferences with your partner to decide what will increase pleasure and how to avoid discomfort or irritation. It is important to note that if you choose to use your own lubrication with condoms, it must be water-based or it will make your condom ineffective in preventing STDs and pregnancy.

Novelty: Some condoms are scented, flavored, colored, glow-in-the-dark or special spike condom. These features do not increase effectiveness of condoms but can be a fun addition!

Bulk/Variety: It can be far more cost effective to buy condoms in bulk rather than in small packs. Some bulk packs come with a variety of condom types, which allow you to mix it up and to decide which condom type is your favorite. However, if you plan to buy your condoms in bulk, be sure to look at their expiration date.

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