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Can condom affect on Erection problems?

delay erection condom

Some consumers complain that men lose their erection as soon as a condom comes into view or is used during sex. Some reports already indicate that it is not the wafer-thin layer of latex that is the cause, but the loss of focus on sex and the partner. A study by one sex inspection how condoms affect the erection. Almost 600 men between 18 and 25 are asked questions about their erection.

The one is the study asked for erection loss without condom use and the other part is for erection problems with condom use. What's the result? A large proportion of the men who had erection problems with condoms also had that without them. These men have a problem that is very annoying but has no connection with the condom.

That is also the main reason why the delay condoms were designed, the removal of that moment of distraction. The delay condom can be applied faster and easier without having to look at the light. And it is also a thin, flexible and soft condom to make the experience as natural as possible. Know more information, please send us email:

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