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Smaller condoms are approved by USFDA.

smaller condom, FDA approved condom

What's the average of male penis? Recently after the research that the most condom in America market are too large for the average males.

In America the smallest condom size allowed is170mm, but study has indicated the average man’s penis is smaller at 140mm. One of the most common reasons men provide for not using condoms is that they slip off during sex, and it is hoped that by allowing smaller condoms the condom usage will increase.

A recent study showed that only a third of American men use condoms for their sex, and increasing usage could reduce the number of sexually transmitted infections.

Condom manufacturers noticed that there is a marketing challenge in encouraging males to buy condoms which are the right size because nobody wants to buy condoms labeled small or extra small.

One manufacturer is taking on the challenge by creating custom made condoms does not label the condom as extra large, XL, L,S or extra small– instead they choose indistinguishable numbers. One man might be 88C, another 33B.

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