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Why choose ROMEO ultra thin condoms?

ROMEO ultra thin condom, super thin condom manufacturer

ROMEO brand condom takes maximum care of your health and pleasure.

Enjoy sex with maximum safety with high quality condoms. Feel the luxury of sex pleasure .


  • 100% electronically tested

  • Transparent surface with reservoir tip.

  • Flavored

  • High lubrication

  • New super elastic latex, exclusive design and composition.

  • Latex color, transparent crystal brightness.

  • Measurements:

  • Latex thickness 0.05mm

  • Length 190mm

  • 54mm width

  • Extra Lubricant 600mg

ROMEO Ultra thin condoms are manufactured with the latest technologies. Quality technically advanced. New latex super elastic and ultra resistant, exclusive design, composition and manufacturing. To buy ultra thin condom, please send us email:

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