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What may cause condoms to break?

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  • Condoms out of expiration – Modern condom wrappers have a date after which the condom should not be used.

  • Improper storage – Heat damages latex condoms, so they should not be kept in a hot place, such as a car glove compartment or wallet.

  • little lubrication – Additional lubrication is always needed for rectal sex. It might also be needed for vaginal sex. The lubricant should be water-soluble, such as KY jelly.

  • The wrong kind of lubricant – Lubricants that contain oil – such as Vaseline, baby oils, and vegetable oils – should not be used with latex condoms since they weaken the rubber.

  • Condom too small – Try a larger size.

  • Partner too tight – Use an extra strength condom and more lubricant.

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