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Super thin & soft condom producer

super thin condom, polyurethane condom, ultra thin condom manufacturer

Super thin condom has a very thin size which made of soft material so as if you're not using condoms in your 'game', this will add to your climactic enjoyment as well as your partner. It is thin but strong Condoms and Not Easy to Leak.

Although the size of this condom is very thin, you do not have to worry about the damage or leakage of this condom, because ultra thin condoms made from SHEERLON material, is a latex material which is strong, flexible, and thinner than other latex materials. Therefore condom db has a very strong elasticity, not easily leaked or damaged. So you do not have to worry about using super thin condom.

No Smell Latex So Comfortable To Use! Many people who do not like latex condoms because they often smell latex, but condom with SHEERLON material is not smelly at all, not even a rubber latex smell, so you will feel very comfortable when using it. If you want to buy super thin condoms, please send us email:

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