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Lubricating Gel offer a thicker viscosity than other personal lubricant.

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Personal lubricant Gel has a formula that gives a thicker viscosity than other lubricants.

Lubricating Gel is designed to be used during dry periods. The lubricant itself is a standard lubricant but with a thicker viscosity.

Even though dry periods are what\'s it was originally designed for many prefer thicker lubes, like this one, for anal sex.

Lubricating Gel is water based and dissolves easily in water.

Our lubricating Gel is formulated according to the highest standards - plus it's been rigorously tested to help insure purity and safety. It helps stay silky and moisture which is gentle, odorless, colorless, greaseless, non-staining, fragrance free. If you want silky smooth lubrication, welcome to inquiry! Email:

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