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Dotted condom make fun and pleasure

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Dotted condom is to increase the fun and pleasure in sexual intercourse. Dots which offer a stimulating texture that gives a delicious intensity to both of you.

- Stimulator condoms are transparent, lubricated, dotted and teat-ended.

- Made with finest natural latex.

No contraceptive methods can offer 100% protection against HIV, Sexually transmitted diseases or Pregnancy.

- Available in 3’s & 12’s Packs

- Transparent, Lubricated & Teat-ended

- Made with finest Natural Rubber Latex

- Structured with Raised Dots Texture

Length : 180 mm (Min)

Width : 53 mm + /-2 mm

Thickness : 65+3 / -5 micron

Dotted condom provide raised dot texture to create extra pleasure and sensation.Dotted condom manufacturer. Email:

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