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ROMEO brand condom offer a wide variety of condom

ROMEO brand condom, best brand condom supplier, custom brand condom factory

ROMEO brand condom offer a wide variety of brand condoms for more innovation and sensation.

Lubricated natural rubber latex condoms with reservoir tip:

Smooth surface and cylindrical shape

Nominal width 52 mm, Length 180 - 185 mm, Thickness 0,06 mm

We highly recommend ROMEO brand, not only because it was originally founded by our team, but also because it has held our promise to you for decades - Be sensitive and have fun.

ROMEO brand condoms are manufactured according to the state of the art and therefore fulfill highest requirements concerning quality, safety and comfort. ROMEO brand condoms exceed the requirements of the international standard. Each ROMEO condom is electronically tested to guarantee that it is high quality. Welcome to inquiry ROMEO brand condom. Email:

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