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Natural Condoms Made from latex, Natural Condoms are designed to give you safe protection, extra comfort and safety. Reliable and comfortable, these condoms feature a wider shape at the top and are suitable for most of the people.

Ultra Thin Condoms Made from latex, ultra thin condoms help to make them feel softer and more flexible than regular condoms. Still offering the same strength and safety, these are the thinnest condoms in the our range and are designed to achieve that sensitive, skin on skin-like feeling.

Flavoured Condoms Perfect for those who wish to spice up their love life, these Flavoured Condoms feature both smell and taste and are colour coordinated. Offering maximum protection and comfort, these condoms feature an easy on shape and come in different flavours: apple, orange, cherry, chocolate, strawberry, banana, mint and vanilla. We would recommend using additional lubricant with this product.\

As a condom manufacturer, we produce types of best seller condoms. If you are interested in, please contact us. Email:


New Tech Zone, Jining City

Shandong Province, 272000


Tel: 86-537-2202207

Fax: 86-537-2202209

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