How to improve sex with a condom?

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Condom not only provide you safe sex but offer more pleasure. The way to enjoy sex with a condom is get plenty of variety into your lovemaking. If you find the condom put a damper on sex, the good news is that there are ways to make maximize your pleasure.

If you just stick to straight intercourse and not much else, you’re more likely to end up wishing the rubber wasn’t there.

To put it simply, the men who get a blow-job or hand-job too are more likely to be happy about intercourse with a condom, the studied reported. The more ways a man is stimulated outside of intercourse itself, the more likely he is to feel good about condom sex. And offering his partner a good time through oral sex or by hand is a pleasure booster for him too.

Men in the study kept daily diaries recording details on when they had sex, how good it was and when they used a condom. If you want to buy best condom, please send us email: