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Extra lubricated condoms for more pleasure

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Extra Lubricated condoms are for more smooth feeling which are fit for those who want to enjoy the benefits of the regular condom with a more intense lubrication.

The ultra-smooth lubrication of these condoms lasts 40% longer and enhances the experience for both of you. These premium condoms are teat-ended and have a nominal width of 52mm and a length of 180mm. They are made from natural latex, a scientifically formulated, new non-latex material which provide a softer, more natural feel and is clinically proven to enhance sensation. These condoms are quite thin with no unpleasant smell. They also fit comfortably unlike regular condoms which feel so tight they seem to cut off circulation. You can actually feel the texture and temperature of the other person's skin through the condom or, as the manufacturer puts it, like wearing nothing. Because these condoms do contain extra lubrication they are a suitable choice for people with a pleasure and safe sex experience. Welcome to inquiry extra lubricated condoms! Email:

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