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MANGO condom enhance sex for both of you.

MANGO condom, best brand condom, custom brand condom manufacturer

MANGO condom proves that variety is the spice of life, featuring four of the most stimulating. MANGO brand condoms to intensify the experience for you and your partner. For maximum pleasure, carefully follow the condom instructions inside this package. Latex condoms do not completely eliminate the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). To get the most protection from a latex condom, use one correctly every time you have sex. Please see directions for use inside the package. There are many STIs. A male latex condom can reduce the risk of STI transmission to or from the head of the penis. However, some STIs can also be spread by other sexual contact. For additional information on STI protection, please read the information inside the package. If you believe you have an STI, contact a health care provider. For more information on condoms or STIs, contact your local organization.

MANGO have 7 varieties that offer maximum pleasure and sensation.

MANGO latex condoms each designed to enhance sex for both you and your partner

Each condom is 100% electronically tested for strength, flexibility and reliability

The special way we make our condoms mean they smell pleasant. We also supply MANGO spike condom. Welcome to inquiry! Email:

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