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Premium Bulk Condom Manufacturer

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Buying bulk condom can help you save a lot of money. The most significant savings on condoms are supplied by online retailers who sell in bulk quantities, or at membership warehouse stores. In study about the pricing strategies of condom manufacturers and traditional retail outlets, we thought four possible factors contributing to the continuation of excessively high prices for very small quantities of product: failure of customers to calculate price per unit value; embarrassment or social inhibition; convenience/lack of planning; and pessimism regarding future sexual chances. So we suggest purchasing bulk condoms from online store all of these obstacles. The savings by buying bulk is both apparent and dramatically significant. Thanks to the relative anonymity of the internet, buying online reduces any social embarrassment or inhibition a consumer may have (bulk condoms are packed into boxed and shipped in discreet packaging). Buying condom in bulk greatly reduces the problem of not having a condom on hand when you request. Last but most important, buying condoms in bulk need that customers realistically assess their potential number of sexual encounters and perhaps think more optimistically; having a large quantity box of condoms available may excite some individuals to put them to use by being more sexually active. As a condom manufacturer, we can pack condom in bulk or as per your requests. Email:

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