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Female condom Vs Male condom

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Both female condom and male condom can offer you save sex. Female condoms have advantages and disadvantages when compared to male condoms. The following is the tips which can help you to choose your fitted condoms.


Female condoms can be same as effective as male condoms when used consistently and correctly.

No interruptions

Unlike male condom which is put on just before sex or during foreplay, you can insert the female condom ahead of time. This means no interruptions once you decide to get down to it. It also means the penis can be put into or near the vagina or anus before it’s fully erect.

Not only you can take control of your own sexual health, but also won’t decrease the moment of sex.


Both male condom and female condoms have latex and non-latex material.

Size matters

Female condoms are larger than male condoms and don’t fit snugly around the penis. This means they offer your partner’s penis more breathing room, which some people find more comfortable and can make it easier for the man to maintain an erection. A lot of guys like using female condoms for this reason.

Maximum pleasure

Using female condoms can make sex more pleasurable for men and women.

During vaginal sex, the female condom’s inner ring may stimulate the tip of the penis, and the external ring can rub against the vulva and clitoris - this can provide a lot of fun for both of you.

Relax time

Because the female condom does not depend on an erection to stay in place, your partner does not have to withdraw immediately after ejaculation as they would with a male condom. The female condom can be removed when it suits you both, just make sure that no semen is spilt!

So you can breathe easy and relax after sex, and just enjoy the moment together.

Some female may feel embarrassed with the idea of inserting a female condom into their vagina. But doing this will help you get a better understanding of your body, helping make sex more enjoyable as you learn what feels good. As a condom manufacturer, we supply you female condom and male condom. Email:

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