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MANGO Long Love condom helps men last longer.

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If you want get more staying power, please your partner, and extend your sexual love play please choose our long love condoms. The condoms are supplied with an ejaculation retarding paste which is free of fat and is applied to the inside of the condom. The paste liquefies with the body temperature and within a short time, spreads evenly over the inside of the condom. With its retarding effect, the paste that prolongs the sexual act can delay the ejaculation and thus make your sex time last much longer. After that you can remove it simply with water. MANGO Long Love Condom is made in China and are easily one of the best condoms available in the world today. Our MANGO brand condoms are electronically tested and production of these condoms are effected as per the ISO4074:2015 the latest health standards. MANGO Long Love condoms are natural-colored made from natural latex rubber with reservoir, plain, lubricated, with delay ingredient, which has the active agent benzocaine (5 %), added as a liquefied paste inside the condom. Email:

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