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Cheap bulk condom suppliers

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There are many advantage of buying bulk condoms. You can buy condom online which give y9ou the greatest savings. We suggest customers use the purchasing strategy of cooperative buying – like-minded individuals pooling their resources to buy a large quantity of condoms at a low price, which they then divide among themselves. Such a method could be particularly effective for clubs, sports teams, and collective households. A ten-member collective contributing $10 or less per person can easily buy a quantity of 500 condoms online, including shipping costs. For less than the price of a box of a dozen condoms purchased at a drugstore, each person will have 50 condoms, bought at the price of $0.19 per pc. You can save a lot for each person.

Buying condoms in bulk pack you can get t a discount. But please note the condom expiration before use. If you want to buy cheap bulk condom, please send us email:

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