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private label lubricant jelly manufacturer

As for women who suffer dryness in vagina, Lubricant is an important part of sex, especially if using a condom. Without lubricant it is like rubbing a large rubber band across your sex organs. That’s really so boring and trouble maker. Lubricant keeps the area moist and slick and reduces the risk of tearing a condom. Lubricant is also beneficial for unprotected sex. If additional lubrication is necessary to make penetration of the vagina or anus more comfortable.

Just like condoms, lubricants come in various forms and choosing the right one can be a momentous task. We will try and explain some of the basics below. Lubricants can be divided into 4 categories, Oil, Water, Silicone based and Flavored. Now long lasting lube also very popular now.

As a factory approved by ISO/CE standards, we can supply to whole world except USA and Canada market where ask for FDA. Welcome worldwide clients inquiry us if you need quality lube supplier, we are your professional choice.


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