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Some tips tell you how to put on a condom

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Putting on a condom can be easy but there are still some points for you to keep in's mostly a matter of attitude. If it helps, practice on a banana beforehand; it can be quite entertaining to buy the correct-size banana in the supermarket.

Here aresome tips of condom use. After the practice it'll be easy for you to put on the condom.

Put the condom on before the penis touches the vulva. The penis leaks fluids both before and after ejaculation, which can take enough sperm to cause pregnancy, as well as enough germs to transmit STDs.

Tear one side of the package being sure not to rip the condom. Watch out for sharp fingernails, as these can rip the rubber. Carefully remove the condom, marvelling at the delightful feeling of lubricated latex.

Air trapped inside a condom can cause it to break, so pinch the teat at the end of the condom and place the condom over the end of your erect penis, ensuring the roll is on the outside. If your penis is not erect, stop to wear the condom - instead get back to whatever it is that normally makes you erect.

Squeezing the reservoir tip, roll the condom down over your penis, all the way to the bottom. It might snag, but don't worry: a bit of persuasion normally does the trick. Watch that you don't trap too many pubic hairs under the roll at the bottom, unless you're into masochistic sex.

Try to make sure the condom stays on throughout intercourse; otherwise it'll be no use at all. This is easier said than done, but you can easily slide your hand down to the base of your penis and feel for the rubber ring if you're concerned.

After the ejaculation, withdraw the penis before it goes soft, holding the base of the condom in place all the time; the last thing you need is to take a sperm-filled condom out of the holiest of holies.

When you're away from your partner, pull the condom off, wrap it in a tissue, and dispose of it thoughtfully. Never use a condom more than once. Use condom for safe sex. Custom best brand condom supplier. Email:

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