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Flavored condoms are for a high level of tasty and sensitivity

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When you want to different flavored with our lubrication, we have assorted Flavors Non-Lubricated condoms are just perfect for you. When the taste and smell of exotic flavors let you and your partner in the mood, reach for one of these delicious condoms and you won’t regret it.

Flavored condoms are ideal for oral sex, and more, these different flavors are here to kick start your senses and help you focus on each other, instead of a distracting bad tasting or smelling condom. Assorted flavors include: apple, cherry, vanilla, banana, strawberry, grape, cola, mint and chocolate.

In order to being a tasty delight, these dry latex condoms are thin enough for a high level of sensitivity, are colored as per their flavor and feature a reservoir tip for safety.

We can produce specific color as per your requests. We also can custom your private label flavored condom.

Always use a condom. It is the only way to safely avoid pregnancies or to protect you against STDs. Oral sex also request to use condoms. Email:

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