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Some reasons why you should have the right size condoms.

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Do your know your correct size? There are some reasons why you require making sure you have the right sized condom. Your condom should be neither too small nor too large and shouldn’t roll back up from the base once you have it on an erect penis. Measure your erect penis to make sure you purchase the right size - it might take a few test to choose your perfect one.

You need to have reservoir at the tip to catch the semen. That tip that you pinched to squeeze out the air so the condom wouldn’t burst has to have room for ejaculate. If you don’t have space at the tip, the condom could burst, leaving you and your partner at risk for STIs and pregnancy.

The condom can’t be too loose so as to move around. A loose condom allows for movement of fluids or could fall off all together, again putting you and your partner at risk.

Measure your pennis before you buy the condom.

Be realistic; don’t go for image. Small and big sizes have more to do with width than length but you can also get shorter or longer condoms, so practice safer sex and choose the correct size. Email:

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