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High quality G spot spike condom for men and women

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This is a brand new product invented by Mr Wang at 1996, it's also one random idea from Holland Magazine of ALIEN, they want put a unique condom at each magazine for promotion, then we workded together invented the spike condom which totally up to his demands.The spike condom offers greater pleasure and excitement that will make the relationship more close and ease of use. These spike condoms are designed to be easier to use and provide you a feeling of more comfort. The unique high studs and thorns mean more excitement as these points add more fun and a sense of exhilaration and excitement designed to enhance orgasm in both of you to reach orgasm together.

Spike Condom contains latex thorns and bumps on the outside surface to increase the arousal of the woman and also can helps the man to continue for longer love. Our spike condom is designed in order to increase sensation. You can enjoy the most exciting for you and your partner.

Welcome to inquiry spike condom and custom own brand condom. Spike condoms add more feeling to you and your partner. Let's enjoy the love max and freely

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