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Non latex condoms add more sensation to your sexual experience.

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Condoms can make, or break, a night of sexual ecstasy with your partner, and an allergy to latex can easily destroy any plans you wanted. Latex allergy symptoms can range from redness and blistering, to a runny nose and watery eyes. Regardless of the reaction, an allergic reaction to your latex condom will inevitably put the brakes on the fast train to pleasure. And this allergy not only affects men — but many women as well.

Except allergies, there are also a lot of benefits to using non-latex condoms. These types of condoms conduct heat better, which increase even more sensation to your sexual experience, and are also thinner, which give natural feeling and offer illusion that both partners can enjoy. The typical "plastic smell" associated with most condoms isn’t there, and the polyurethane material can use with oil-based products.

Many versions do break easier since the material isn’t as flexible as a standard latex condom. It’s also good to keep in mind that lamb skin or natural skin condom don’t protect against STDs and STIs and are only considered effective against unwanted pregnancy.

However, an allergy or aversion to latex doesn’t mean you can’t get it on — you just have to find the right products that suit for you and your partner. There are an abundant of condoms on the market which offer pleasure and safety for those who are prone to reaction, and you can buy from the condom online stores to find the best condoms for you. Email:

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