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Dotted sensation condom is safety to use.

Sensation is a high quality latex condom. Transparent, moisturized with a neutral substance for sperm, for single use. 100% electronically tested. The condom used in accordance with the instructions inside the package should effectively reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and contracting with sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Features: Dotted condom

100% electronically tested

Warning Note: A product made of natural latex can cause allergic reactions.

Preparation and use: Read the package insert inside the package before use.

Storage : Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Store at ambient temperature.

Package: 3 pack, 12pack or 144pack in bulk.

If you are interested in dotted sensation condom, please send us email:


New Tech Zone, Jining City

Shandong Province, 272000


Tel: 86-537-2202207

Fax: 86-537-2202209

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