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Condom questions which customers usually ask.

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What are condoms made of?

Condoms are common made of latex, which is a derivative of tropical rubber trees. Some condoms are made of polyurethane and polyisoprene.

How long can condoms last?

Condoms have a shelf life about 3-5years. Check the package for the expiration date.

Can a minor buy a condom?

Sure, anyone with the money needed to buy a condom may do so at any age.

Do condom manufacturers produce a condom for a female?

There are female condom or woman condom and is worn by the women rather thanthe traditional male condom.

Who produces the most condoms?

Durex Company currently is the world's largest producer of condoms with an estimated 26% market share.

Can you use a condom twice ?

The answer is NO! If you are having sex more than once a night you must use a new condom each time.

Can you use a lube with a condom?

It all depends on the condom. As most condoms are latex based using an oil as a lubricant will damage the condom. Most condoms require the use of a water based lubricant. Please consult the manufacturers specifications on the box of condoms for more information.

Is there a condom for people with latex allergies?

Yes, there are condoms made of polyurethane on the market for those people with a latex allergy.

Is there a condom for larger men?

Currently there is large condom made for larger men. These condoms not only fit better but also protect against deadly diseases.

Does using a condom decrease on the pleasure?

This used to be true with old fashioned condoms or the rubbers of yesterday. Nowaday's condoms not only offer better protection but enhance the feeling for couples.

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