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Extra dotted condom gives so much moments for pleasure.

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Extra dotted condoms can provide so much moments of pleasure. Dotted condom for her pleasure. Also form fitting for extra comfort meaning maximum pleasure for you.

Strong and beautiful packing to protect the condom from mechanical damage.

Contains thick aluminium foil at the top and durable BOPP film at the top.

Hermetically sealed to extend the shelf life of the condom.

To make the condom safe to wear, we use strong packaging to offer a secure place to keep condom before use. All our packaging are high quality as per international standard to provide a quick and easy packaging.

The big dots arouse vision of sexual fantasies. The appearance looks like a sexy body in front of you which inspire both of you. Add the special experience with your partner which will bring both of you to a quality sex life. Welcome to inquiry extra dotted condom/ big studs condom. Email:

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