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Female condom offer women the freedom

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Female condom is for women a best way to take care and control of their prevention and health. It provides women and men an additional choice to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections including HIV and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

The female condom provides women the freedom to choose, take the initiative and take control of prevention and their health. Forms a barrier between penis and vagina, cervix and external organs, for added protection. Strong, hypoallergenic, and, unlike latex items, can also be used both with water-based and fat-based lubricants. Female condoms are convenient as it can be set up eight hours before intercourse. Does not need to be removed immediately after ejaculation. Single-use only.

Smooth sheath with a welded outer ring and a free polyurethane inner ring.

Lubricated with a silicone based lubricant.

Complies the requirements of the European Standard.

We can supply you both polyurethane female condom and latex female condoms. Email:

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