What types of condoms are available to make you safe sex?

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There are two types of condoms are available to prevent the pregnancy and Stis.

The external condom also called the male condom is a sheath made from polyurethane, latex or polyisoprene, which covers the penis during sexual intercourse. There are many types and brands of external condoms available.

The internal condom also called female condom, is a pouch made of polyurethane, latex or nitrile. The internal condom is designed for vaginal sex but can also be used for anal sex. The pouch is open at one end and closed at the other, with a flexible ring at both ends. The ring at the closed end is inserted into the vagina or anus to hold the condom in place. The ring at the open end of the pouch remains outside of the vagina or anus. As a custom brand condom factory, we produce both male condom and female condoms. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com