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There are four options of condom for you to choose.

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With our many years experience, the most popular condoms are ribbed, ultra thin, dotted and extra large condoms.

Classic Ribbed Condoms re transparent and traditionally designed with a ribbed texture. They are straight-sided and have a reservoir tip. The length is 180mm, the width: 52mm, the thickness:0.065mm

Ultra Thin Condoms are designed to allow for maximum pleasure and sensitivity because they are so sheer. But these condoms are super thin with a smooth texture, they are also extremely strong. These condoms are transparent in color, are straight-sided and have a rounded, reservoir tip. We have polyurethane and latex thin condoms.

Pleasure Dotted Condoms are straight-sided and transparent. In addition to having a reservoir tip, these condoms are covered from base to just below the tip with studded dots. These dots are designed to provide additional stimulation and pleasure for an exciting sexual experience.

Extra Large Condoms are created to meet the requests for all of you well-endowed men. These transparent, straight-sided condoms are designed to offer a more comfortable fit for those of you men needing more roomier condoms (in either width or length). These condoms also have a rounded, reservoir tip and a smooth, silky texture. Our extra large condom size is 56x190mm. Email:

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